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02-Apr-2018 03:49

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Scratches in the surface can lead to light penetration through the 2 way surface and ruin the overall effect.With TV installation for instance, always make sure the coated surface is on the inside and away from any possible accidents.

We currently supply two way mirrors in 2 categories, 2 Acrylic: 3mm acrylic and 6mm acrylic.

Whatever your needs our mirrors provide a professional finish.

Our Mirror panels and framed mirrors are available in a number of standard sizes for convenience, as well as custom made size for the more exacting specifications.

Our standard sizes (Acrylic ONLY) are normally delivered from stock with a couple of days, whilst our fully tailored and made to measure solutions are normally delivered 10 -14 days from order.

All our mirrors can of course be framed in any of our fantastic range of moulding designs, ensuring that they work well with a variety of backgrounds and wall surfaces.

So, why does a two-way mirror seem to behave like the two sides are different? Then almost no light goes from the dark side to the light side, and almost no light is reflected back from the dark side to the dark side. Plenty of light travels through the mirror, and plenty of light is reflected back.