Rashen sex in credit camera

15-Apr-2018 21:39

The foreign intelligence surveillance court declined to grant a warrant.

Trump has angrily denied the claims, tweeting: “FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT! Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, who is named in the report, has denied making a trip to Prague where the report alleges he met Russian officials. It says: “This is an obvious attempt to harm our bilateral relations Pulp fiction, that’s what it is called in English.

The man was also slammed for the nature of the room which critics observed that it could be likened to a regular Russian house with paintings hanging on the wall, a coffee table and chair, and even a comfortable-looking wooden bed!

A sensational but unconfirmed report has alleged that Russia has a dossier aimed at influencing and compromising US President-elect Donald Trump.

 The briefing drew on a report which originated as opposition research from anti-Trump Republicans, which was drawn up by a former intelligence agent whose past work US intelligence officials consider credible.The man, whose identity was not disclosed is jailed in a prison in the Sverdlovsk Oblast region in central Russia for his connections to organised crime.